notes from a TV junkie


Just a couple of things.

One, I watched a few minutes of “The Bachelor,” last night.  Does anyone still watch that show?  I watched the first couple of seasons, I admit it, but now it’s just the same thing over and over again.  Boring, “perfect” guy, hoochie (how do you spell that?) bikini-clad girls.  Where do they find these people?  Does anyone really think that you can have the “most dramatic rose ceremony ever” every single time?  And “surprise,” if you’d like you can stay together in a fantasy suite!  The girls all seem to think they’re going to meet their future husband — do they not watch Entertainment Tonight?  No bachelor has EVER gotten married to someone he met on this show (only one bachelorette).  The most disturbing thing to me is that this is one of the classier reality shows on TV.  It just gets worse and worse.  The only one I can stand anymore is “The Amazing Race.” 

Two, today is a sad day for Gilmore Girls fans everywhere.  Conversely, my husband is thrilled.  Quick story:  when I was in labor with Mary (and we’re not talking cushy, epidural-cooled labor — I do it the old-fashioned way), Gilmore Girls just happened to be on.  A new episode, even.  Fabulous, I thought, just what I need to distract me.  About 2/3 of the way through the show, I asked Matt to turn it off — it was really irritating me.  He took one look at me and went to get the nurse.  Mary was born moments later, before the doctor even had a chance to get her gloves on.  I’m still not sure what happened in that episode.

On a complete different note, you may have noticed that I’ve added a link to “Karl’s Calculus Tutor.”  I have a 4-year degree in Mathematics, and have recently discovered (I was doing some math just for fun — yes, I realize this isn’t normal) that I can’t remember a lick of Calculus.  This is pretty upsetting when you consider that Calculus is just the first class of the four-year degree.  So, I have determined to re-teach myself college mathematics.  Feel free to join me.  Perhaps by the time my oldest child needs help with his Calculus (he’s in 3rd grade), I’ll be back up to speed.


10 thoughts on “notes from a TV junkie

  1. Anne

    Do you remember that show “Temptation Island” that was on about 5 years ago? When I was into that show Taylor lost all respect for me! It was TRASHY. Let’s be honest.

    And, if you see me tomorrow, I might be donned in all black. I think I will be mourning the loss of the Gilmore Girls for a while. I’m aware of my ri-dic-u-los-ity but I don’t care. I’m not ashamed. The other day I was thinking about naming a child Rory. I didn’t bother to tell Taylor. I knew what his response would be. :)

  2. kira

    Liz, I love ya to death, but I just can’t understand the math obsession. Math is an old nemesis of mine…I hope my kids can get tutored by your kids later on!

  3. Danielle

    Liz, I can kind of understand your math obsession. It’s something that I could have a theoretical obession with…I mean…I get obsessive about things, but lack the follow through to actually be obsessive about anything. Anyway, I avoided calculus like the plague so I am for sure sending my kids to you for help.

    I do have an obsession with the gilmore girls too though. That one I managed to do. I know its sad that the show is over but on the bright side, you can rent all the seasons from netflix (yeah I have..I am a loser), and go back to a simpler time when Rory was still innocent, Lorelei wasn’t a total hussy ( I mean just pick a man already!!), and it was fun just to watch the show for the pretty scenery, the small town charm, the witty rhetoric, and the reminiscence of the days before marriage when we used to flirt!

  4. liz Post author

    Mom, you’d think as a one-time ballroom dancer (sort of), I’d love Dancing with the Stars, but I’m not hooked. I think the combination of has-been stars with skanky costumes is a bit much.

    Danielle, thank you for linking to my blog. This is the sincerest form of flattery in blogdom. Perhaps you contributed to my record number of hits today (111!). I’m sure I’ll eventually be watching all of the seasons of gilmore girls on DVD, maybe in a few months when I start really missing it.

  5. Matt

    Taylor and any other men out there. Let’s form an alliance: the HAG Alliance (husbands against Gilmore Girls)

  6. Katy

    Matt, Kris will being joining in HAG. OK, I don’t think I remember you being a big fan if Gilmore Girls. How is it we never really discussed that? And if you think it is bad that Danielle has rented them all, I own seasons 1-5 and I am watching for the rest of the seasons to go down to $20. I only buy them when they are cheap, I can get away from being totally thrifty.

  7. Mrs. Dub

    Fare thee well, my dearest Gilmore ladies!

    Here’s to an hour more each week for you to practice your math.

    I, however, will be looking for a new show to fill the void.


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