true confessions: foods I really like even though I know they’re gross


Top Ramen — only chicken flavor

Chef Boyardee Ravioli

Filet o’ Fish

hot dogs

store-bought frosting

KFC mashed potatoes and gravy

twinkies and ding dongs

Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch

Lucky Charms

Isn’t this a horrifying list?  No, I don’t eat any of these items frequently.  Anyone else who would care to share?


12 thoughts on “true confessions: foods I really like even though I know they’re gross

  1. Anne

    Here’s what Taylor and I LOVE. Egg McMuffins. YUM! And we are huge Taco Bell fans, too. We also make cookie dough fairly often and eat almost the entire batch of dough without ever turning the oven on. I, of course, share your love of PB Cap’n Crunch, as I wouldn’t be a true Hall otherwise.

  2. liz Post author

    Darnit, I love all of your things too. The list keeps growing… Though I don’t think the Taco Bell is as gross as the others. (?) I couldn’t get enough Egg McMuffins during one of my pregnancies — perhaps my body needed all that fat and protein.

  3. kira

    Lately I have been having brownies & ice cream, drizzled with caramel cravings.There is nothing like warm brownies…mmm. Aaron has been all hopped up on fruit roll ups lately – we might as well at a bag of sugar!

  4. Rhall

    Mama Hall detests cereals like Lucky Charms, tho’ I stock up for grandkids! I do like frosted mini-wheats – how do they rank? My big addiction is jelly beans of course – they don’t even have to be expensive ones. One summer years ago I nearly O.D.’d on corn chips. LOVE cheetos too. I try to watch fat grams of course, so jelly beans are my true failing. If my cholesterol weren’t high I’d eat a lot of candy bars, have many favorites.

  5. Emily

    Liz! You have the best ideas for posts, seriously, how fun is this? I’m with your mom on the Cheetos. Almost every time we go to the grocery store I get Henry a little bag, but we both know it’s mostly so I can steal a few (or a lot!) I also love fruit snacks…again, I buy them “for Henry,” but I love them. (Eat a package every week at church.) And Anne, we are also HUGE Taco Bell lovers, well mostly Nate, but I like it, too. On our way to our honey moon destination (we were driving in a very decorated car,) we stopped at the taco bell drive through and the employee noticed our decorated car and asked if we had really just gotten married, we told her that we had indeed been married less than twenty four hours before and they gave us our order on the house. (of course, Nate then added a few more items to the tab! Ha!) oh, and I know this is getting lengthy, but I thought of one more, i really like soft serve ice cream–Henry and I go through the McDonalds drive through now and then for one of their one dollar hot fudge sundaes made with soft serve, and they are divine every time!

  6. Matt

    I never eat any of these things. Only whole grain bread, skim milk, tofu, fruit, vegetables, and pomegranate juice.

  7. Danielle

    Oh liz this is a great post. I have to agree with most of your choices, and I am really glad to see that I am not the only one who likes Cheetos. I love lucky charms! In fact once in high school I had a hard week and my dad went out and bought me my very own box and left it on my pillow (there were no sugary cereals to be found in the Barrus cupboards!) Let’s see I love corn dogs, and hot dogs, and as much as I HATE to admit…McDonald’s cheesburgers (I don’t think I’d ever had one till I got married). Oh and my husband and I had to adhere to a strict Ramen-free diet recently because we had started eating so much of it…which is ironic because I hardly EVER ate it while I was a starving student, but now that we have paying jobs we can’t get enough.

  8. Andrea

    All right! I finally came up with something. I didn’t want to sound like a jerk and say, I only like mostly healthy foods, which I do. I have a baked goods problem, but mostly solved at home with homemade baked goods. But I have to admit, I LOVE white bread. I grew up on the grind it at home, sit in your stomach for days, homemade whole wheat bread. When we got married, all I would buy was white bread. It didn’t help that the Williams bakery was right next to the U of O campus and when I went to my 8am computer class, the smell was unbelievable!

  9. sillyjillybean

    Growing up we rarely ate out. Eight kids at McDonald’s was cost prohibitive on a school teachers salary. So when I got to college and then married, going out to McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Wendy’s was a dream come true and felt like “fine dining.” It didn’t make matters any better that I married the king of take-out! Now, we are both trying to tame each other. But Pizza on Tuesday’s is a staple (although we had McDonald’s tonight!).

  10. Rhall

    I have chuckled at this! Matt’s was the funniest! He IS a healthy eater, but not quite THAT healthy! Emily and Danielle, I love feeling that I’ve just had a visit with you, and Andrea too, and Kate. I can’t seem to leave comments on Anne’s blog lately — I feel lucky to be related to bloggers! The photo journal for Mother’s Day was so special, as were the words! Roger and I went with the Laurels and Priests to the temple tonight and we all stopped at Food 4 Less for ice-cream – I haven’t had such a big cone in years! YUM!

  11. liz

    mmmmmmmmmm those all sound good to me too.

    I would add spaghetti O’s 10 times to that list. and your forgot little debbie star crunches!

  12. liz Post author

    For some reason I love ravioli, but can’t stand spaghettios. I should have put the entire line of Little Debbies on the list, though. I can’t remember what star crunches are — perhaps they’ll be my next guilty pleasure.


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