the daily walk

We go for a walk every day.  I know what you’re thinking — this isn’t rocket science.  But, when you are the mother of many young children (and four qualifies as many, don’t you think?), there are many, many barriers to going on a walk. 

Often, you have a newly mobile child who insists on walking (instead of riding in the stroller) — very slowly.  Or same child insists on riding their trike — also slow.  Or you have two not-quite-mobile children, so have to push the huge double stroller — exhausting.  Or a child who hates the stroller in general.  Once you have some older children, they’ll want to bring their own bike or scooter — you’ll never keep up.  Or some combination of the above.


Blessed day, I currently have none of the above.  What I do have is two big kids in school (love public education), one baby who loves the stroller, and one four-year-old who has become a champ on the cutest little training-wheeled bike in the universe.  He keeps right up with me.  In fact, I’m going to have to start wearing my running shoes to keep up with him.


It has been a (mostly) beautiful Spring in Utah, and our walks are utterly pleasant.  We wave to neighbors — mostly old folks — and check out other people’s yards to get ideas for our own.  Jon rings his old-fashioned bell and makes up rules for me:  “When I ring my bell once, that means stop for a minute and wait for me.” or “When I ring my bell a bunch of times, that means I’m about to go really fast.”  Mary just takes it all in and is, for once, 100% content.  It is the best time of our day.

Goodbye now — we’re off for our walk!

P.S. We love the bike and the stroller — both are available on, if you are looking for something similar.


Radio Flyer classic 10″ bike.  This would be too small for some four-year-olds.  We have pretty short legs.


Graco Metro-lite Stroller with Snugride carseat.  So much better than the last stroller, which we purchased in 1997!  I did a lot of research, and think this is a great set-up for the price.  (Ours has different fabric.)


2 thoughts on “the daily walk

  1. Kristi

    Hi Liz!!!!
    I’m so excited to see your blog! (Your hair looks adorable, by the way) Emily passed your website along, and I love it!! You’ll have to fill me in on the whole blog scene, as I am in total darkness as to how to navigate through WordPress.
    Looking forward to hearing from you…


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