inspiration: bandannas and brown boxes


I have been blogging for just over two weeks now, and I’m enjoying myself thoroughly, but let’s be honest:  this is not contributing to me getting my work done.  Don’t get me wrong — my children are fed and wearing clean clothes, my husband is happy, and we are not living in complete squalor.  But, I would not want you to show up at my house unannounced this morning.  And all of those projects I’ve been procrastinating?  Still there waiting for me.

The real problem is not the time spent writing.  The writing is a catharsis, and seems to really help my mood.  Also, I don’t feel guilty about time spent doing it, because I’m finally documenting a little of my life and my children.  The real problem is the time spent reading other people’s blogs!  If you are not already doing this, you may not want to start, because it is entirely addictive.  That being said, I have found some inspiration in reading the words of others.  I think, “let’s stop reading about other people’s fabulous lives and get one of our own, shall we?”  Because I always think of myself as the royal “we.”  Especially when the Queen is around. 

So here are a couple of my recent inspirations. 

inspiration #1.  As you may know, Cjane had apron week last week.  If this sounds bizarre, check out her blog and it will make sense.  She’s a character.  (Shout out to Mr. Cropper, whose picture made the apron grand-finale.)  I actually took the time to dig out a cute bandanna and a ribbon to make an apron for Mary.  (You know, because every not-quite-walking one-year-old needs an apron of her very own.)  This was all Jane’s idea — a bandanna and a sash are all you need for an apron.  When the sewing is accomplished, I’ll post a picture.

inspiration #2.  The other liz recently posted a challenge to send someone you love a package.  She’s friends with Cjane, and sent her a fabulous package which they both blogged about, resulting in me finding Liz’s blog.  (Perhaps one day I’ll share my great roving travels in the blogosphere — first I clicked here, then this seemed interesting, so I clicked on it, and then I found this other blog… — because everyone wants to read about someone else’s inane web-surfing.) It’s taken me a couple of weeks, but I have managed to prepare some boxes for mailing:  one for my mother (if yours lives in another state, you only have 5 days — think priority mail), one for my cousin’s firstborn (cute jammies), and one for my ailing sister, who is in the throes of morning (all-day) sickness with baby #5.  Note:  pregnant women are heroes, and deserve lots of pampering.

I tell you these things not to pat myself on the back (well, maybe a little) but in the hope that you might find inspiration somewhere too.  And when you do, please tell me about it .


4 thoughts on “inspiration: bandannas and brown boxes

  1. Anne

    Yes, I hate when I read blogs for TOO long and don’t get projects done. And YES, I have been inspired by many a post. CJane had a link on April 25th to, about a vintage baby shower. I loved all those ideas, especially the hostess gifts–plants in those fun, decorative Chinese take-out boxes. I thought that was a great twist on the plant gift idea–which I think is always a great one. Also, everything nienie does is magic. She is wonderfully creative. I LOVE her wall of silhouettes, and she also recently posted pictures of her little hutch-type thing in her kitchen. I love how she has used her cake plates to decorate. I have 2 gorgeous cake plates hiding in cupboards. That will not do! Anyway, fun to get ideas…

  2. Rhall

    I’m finally catching up on my blog reading! I got your pkg today and I do love it! Cutest albums I’ve seen in ages. Since I’ve just lost twelve pounds eating sensibly, the same pounds I’ve lost 30 times, I can rally enjoy that candy bar!

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