naughty Mary!


Does anyone think that photographing naughty toddler behavior may actually encourage the behavior?  Just checking….



4 thoughts on “naughty Mary!

  1. Andrea

    Hey, at least you have the pictures. There was a time Maddy TPed the hallway and decorated it with her sister’s neon blue SpongeBob toothpaste and tossed toilet water on the carpet…I was so mad at her, I didn’t bother with the camera. It’s hard to describe the destruction now. Not to mention the next day when I realized she had tried to comb her sleeping sister’s hair with a toothbrush that had said toothpaste on it…

  2. Rhall

    Turn the tp roll around the other direction and it won’t be so easy to unroll, and is definitely easier to roll back up if you want to recover unrolled paper!

    Mary is a doll, what a cute smile!

  3. Anne

    Usually I try to avoid messes, and try not to encourage it, but come on! Sometimes I just can’t help but laugh, and then you might as well capture it!


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