memory lane

I keep putting off writing about last week’s Park City outing — too many links and pictures to insert.  It is coming.  Meanwhile, I wanted to share a couple of moments from yesterday.

I had a hilarious stroll down memory lane.  My best BYU friend, Julie, sent me an early (the rest of you have 11 days) birthday card and enclosed some old letters she had found.  She was in the MTC (missionary training center) and I was engaged to Matt.  The funniest thing was a letter I’d passed on to her (because it was so darn funny) from Shane, my freshman boyfriend who was on a mission in Spain.  Our relationship at this point was far from romantic, but he had sent a Valentine’s Day missive complete with a big heart and pictures of him with foxy Spanish girls.  It was a photocopy — who knows how many girls he had sent it to?  My comment to Julie was “guess he hasn’t gotten his ‘Dear John’ yet.” 

It was so weird reading my own words from so long ago.  It brought back so many feelings from that time which, though I was in love and excited about getting married, was one of the most stressful periods of my life.  I had such hard classes (this was year three of a math major, if you can imagine) and was planning a wedding without my mother close.  And all of my siblings though I should be going on a mission, not getting married.  And two of my closest friends were on missions.  It’s a good thing Matt was such a fine catch, or I would never have made it through.

In other, unrelated news, we took our kids up beautiful Millcreek Canyon last night, which was just so pleasant.  Matt was home early (rare) and suggested a picnic, which was fine since I hadn’t really started dinner yet and the weather was fantastic.  And, to show you how great he is, he wasn’t expecting me to produce said picnic, but thought we could stop at a sandwich shop on the way, which we did.  We’re at a good moment for family outings because we don’t have any slow walkers (read: 2-year-olds) right now, only a non-walker who likes being in a backpack.  After we ate, our kids actually did a 45-minute hike without complaining.  I love how they stop every three minutes to notice a beetle or a wildflower.  Even Sam (9) hasn’t gotten cynical about that kind of stuff yet.  We hiked in a gorgeous spot (argh — forgot the camera) and, in case you live in or ever visit Utah, I’ll tell you how to get there.

The reason I’m bothering with this is that the trail we went on is perfect for young children.  The first part is pretty steep, but they manage fine since they’re fresh.  Then it levels out and continues to be level for longer than we’ve ever lasted.  And you’re up pretty high, so there’s a view for much of it — just don’t let really little ones wander, as it does drop off.  Anyhoo, all you do is pull off at Church Fork, which is the very first picnic area up the canyon, and walk up (and up) until you reach the trailhead.  There’s a three-way split — take the far left one for the pipeline trail.

Here’s a picture of the area from two years ago — please, no comments about my hideous hair.


p.s. Are you celebrating May Day today?  If you can’t find a maypole to dance around, leave flowers on someone’s door.maydaybasket2.jpg (not my picture)


One thought on “memory lane

  1. Emily

    Oh Liz, this gives me pangs of homesickness for elevation variation. Dallas has all the shopping and dining one could ever want, but an absolute dearth of outdoor recreation–think that contributes to the desire to go somewhere rural, even rugged. The May Day picture is darling.


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