I just got schooled

Let me just preface this by saying that Matt rarely surprises me.  I’m not complaining, just stating a fact.  Extravagant, fancy gift-giving has never been part of our relationship, not even when we were dating.  He usually gets me a book or a cd that he’s heard about and is interested in.  For Christmas, he got me a Crock Pot.

So for our anniversary Friday, we had a nice date planned and I wasn’t really expecting a gift.  Maybe a nice card or a letter.  In fact, I was pretty sure he was writing something for me, because he kept hiding what he was doing on the laptop whenever I came into the room.  What I got Matt was the very sappy post below.  What Matt got me was (drumroll, please…)


[Mine is silver, but this picture was better.] 

You know when you mention something casually, in passing?  It would be nice to have a _____….  If you do that with my mom, said item comes priority mail three days later.  If you do that with Matt it (generally) goes in one ear and out the other.  Again, not complaining, just explaining.  So I had mentioned recently that I thought it would be fun to have an iPod.  Yes, I realize that we are probably the last people in the free world to have one.  We are what you call “late adopters,” and it has served us well — these things get better and cheaper if you wait.  But, our cd collection has become more and more outdated and I wanted to be able to download individual songs and try out new artists without committing to entire cds.  Plus, iPods are cool and sleek.  (Matt already wants to borrow mine to go running — I had a hunch this was a gift for “us.”)

What Matt had been doing secretly on the laptop was uploading all of our cds for play on the new toy.  Thoughtful.  And he got a docking station with speakers for the kitchen. 

And then we had dinner and a sophisticated stroll in Park City.  Details tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “I just got schooled

  1. Rhall

    If you and Matt are “late adopter”‘s, then what on earth would you call us? By the way, on a completely different topic, our ducks are back and were right by the d.r.window eating the quail cracked corn. And the finches are amazing right now, very bright yellow and lots of them fighting for space on the feeder. Well I guess you call me a bird watcher.

  2. sillyjillybean

    I read your musings about an old note to an old college friend and imagined you planning a wedding without Rozanne close by. Then had to read this entry again as I just think the world of Matt. You are a lucky lady!


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