1000 Days


This should really be in a category called “what Matt is excited about.”  He is fascinated by things like the open ocean, heights and depths, maps in general, ships…you get the idea.  He hasn’t been this excited about something online since he discovered Google Earth. 

For the unfamiliar, here is the short version of the story.  (For the long version, check out their blog.)  These two people:


have just embarked on a 1000 (not 100) day journey around the world.  They are seeking to break a world record by remaining at sea without making landfall or having anyone meet them with supplies during the entire course of their journey.  This is completely fascinating, but also a little bizarre and disturbing on so many levels.   I’m not going even comment on their significant age difference (he is in his 50s, she her early 20s, and yes, they are married).  Can you think of any person you know who you would like to spend every minute of the next three years with?  And in a very small, confined space?

I am probably the wrong person to judge, as my tendency toward motion sickness would have me hurling over the side of the boat within the first 1000 seconds, but even if you liked sailing and liked the person you were with, can you think of any activity you’d like to do all day, every day for three years?  Wouldn’t it just get a little boring?  How different would it really be from being in prison?

Perhaps my problem is that I am not this passionate about any one thing.  I like to dabble in a variety of different interests, and tend to think most people are the same way.  I’ve never understood people who are able to devote themselves so sacrificially to a craft — professional gymnasts come to mind.  But then I will never be a professional musician, never win a Nobel Prize for anything, probably never be famous for any reason (though more people than I thought are reading my blog — thanks, people).  I guess my question is, do you have to lead what in my opinion is an unbalanced, strange kind of life to be extraordinary?  And if so, is being extraordinary important, or is the purpose of life to get through the normal stuff with as much grace as possible?

“Three things in human life are important. The first is to be kind. The second is to be kind. And the third is to be kind.”  —Henry James

P.S If you’d like to see a stranger picture of the voyagers (someone described it as Star Wars-esque), look at their website.


6 thoughts on “1000 Days

  1. Rhall

    There is a tattered little pink sqare of paper on my bulletin board over my desk in the kitchen, among all the photos of my darlings, containing that quote. I leave it there when I change photos, pretty good advice that we need to constantly reteach ourselves. Certainly would be good advice for the couple on that boat!

  2. liz Post author

    Mom–Sorry I missed the sarcasm of your first comment –funny that I didn’t remember it came from you. Of course you’ve tought me all of the really important things I know.


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