just what I wanted!

I am constantly frustrated because I have a specific idea in my head for something that I need/want and the thing just doesn’t seem to exist.  Or, I find it, but it costs ten times what I wanted to spend.  This happens with furniture shopping, clothing, light fixtures (don’t get me started), just everything!  I think I’m a little contrarion and what I really want is something that no one else has, which by definition means, it does not exist.  This level of frustration is matched by the feeling of elation I have when I find the perfect thing.

So last night, Matt brought up our anniversary this Friday (11 years and we still really like each other!).  He, great husband that he is, had already arranged for his mom to watch our kids, and was now wondering what we should do.  This was a wise moment on his part.  We all love being surprised, but I have to say, I love even more getting exactly what I want.  Have we all had those moments when opening gifts? 

We discussed going to a movie (too boring for an anniversary) or a play, then I said that what I’ve really been wanting to do is go to Park City (only a 20 minute drive) to check out some art galleries.  (I’m actually interested in a specific artist, but that’s a story for another blog.)  The only trouble:  this is the off-season in Park City (past skiing, pre summer) and I was sure that galleries wouldn’t be open in the evening.  Resourceful Matt pulled out the lap-top and did a quick search.  Here is what we found:


On the last Friday evening of each month, Park City galleries have an event called a gallery stroll.  For only $5, you get hors d’oeuvres, live music, and a map of 23 participating galleries.

It isn’t what I wanted — it’s better than what I wanted!  I’ll let you know how it goes in a future blog, but for fellow Utahns, isn’t this a fun discovery? 


7 thoughts on “just what I wanted!

  1. Emily

    I loved reading the part about still liking each other after 11 years…I hope Nate and I can say the same. I think we will. Thanks for linking to me…I like to read what you have to say too. You’ve always got such sound, practical advice for daily life. It’s like Liz Landers :)

  2. Emily Green

    I am so happy for you guys – sounds like the perfect anniversary night and I love how it all came together. Enjoy and congrats :)

  3. anne

    Oooh! That is a fab discovery! I’ll have to take Tay some day… Speaking of gift-opening moments, remember on Christmas when you opened the crock pot from Matt and the first words out of your mouth were “Oh, I thought this was going to be an ice-cream maker!” Classic.

  4. Christina

    That sounds great. I hope that you found a piece of artwork that you couldn’t live without, that still fit the budget! Looking forward to seeing you in the Summer!

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