funny kids


I’ve said for years that if kids were not cute, we would never put up with them.  The cuteness diminishes slowly with age, and changes from pinch your cheeks, snuggle you cute to wow that was smart and clever cute. 

I was in the kitchen working on dinner just moments ago when I heard the front door open and went to investigate.  Sam (9) was just standing there on the front path.  To my “what are you doing?” he replied, “stepping on a crack.”  It turns out that he had decided to try doing all of the things people believe are bad luck, and see what would happen.  The idea had come to him as he walked home from church with a no-longer-needed (the rain stopped while we were there) umbrella under his arm.  He had already tried opening the umbrella in the house, but I stopped him on his way to the garage to get out the ladder.  I don’t think he’s heard the one about broken mirrors, but perhaps I’d better go check. 

 P.S. The picture is of Sam still in the pinch your cheeks phase (age three, I think)– wasn’t he darling?  He still is, but different…


4 thoughts on “funny kids

  1. Katy

    When I looked at the picture I initially thought it was Jon. Probably because Jon’s closer to that cute pinch your check phase.
    I enjoy reading your thoughts, but somehow I don’t have the same casual writing style, that is fun to read.

  2. anne

    That’s funny-I thought it was Jon at first, too! Here’s who crack me up–your kids! Liz, check you out with half a dozen comments! Yer rockin’ blogland! In regards to the TV post–We’re obsessed with The Office (which is doubly exciting because it’s the ONLY show on television that Taylor has EVER cared about!) and of course I can’t live without Rory and Lorelai Gilmore. Although, let’s be honest, the 2 funniest characters on that show are Emily Gilmore and Paris. I’m also still bitter that Lorelai and Chris split up. Come on, Amy Sherman-Palasomthingorother (show’s creator)–what the heck is that?! Oh, and we like Law&Order on TNT… A LOT. Thankfully we hardly watch it anymore. Although it’s far less violent than 24 or CSI, it’s still not great for the soul to think about guns and murder so darn much. We just think Jack McCoy is the man and I want Elizabeth Rohm’s hair. What I love is that I’m writing you this ridiculously long comment and it’s all utter frivolity, and you’ll get every bit of it!! Love you! And p.s. Three’s Company! I watched it too–and I was like 6!

  3. liz Post author

    The funny thing about Gilmore Girls is that it was on in the hospital when I was in labor with Mary — a new one, even — and Matt knew I must be about ready to push, because I got irritated with it and asked him to turn it off. He was thrilled because he always finds it irritating. I’m tired of the Luke-Chris soap opera, though and wish they would resolve it.
    We also used to watch Law&Order on TNT, which is on many times in a row some nights, and at one point banned ourselves from it because we were getting so addicted — it was starting to give me weird dreams. Now I just watch the new ones and love,love,love Vincent D’Onofrio on Criminal Intent.

  4. Emily

    Liz!! I am so excited that you have started a blog. I *love* the blog world and am addicted to a few that I regularly read. I’ve added yours to my list of favorites. I love that I’ll be able to be more connected to your life and your happenings…
    Blessings to you and happy blogging ;)


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