on blogging

I’ve been thinking about this for a few weeks.  Starting a blog, I mean.  The funny thing is, I didn’t even really know people had blogs.  I mean, I knew blogs existed on the web.  I read Newsweek, in which blogs are frequently referenced.  I’ve heard references to blogs, especially political ones, on NPR, too.  But, I’d never purposefully visited a blog until my sister started one.  A fabulous teacher turned stay-home mom, she blogs about children’s books, and recently launched a personal blog, too.  From her blogroll, I could link to her friends’ blogs, then their friends’ blogs, and on and on.  Apparently practically every person her age (25) has a blog.  Who knew?

From lurking on these various blogs, I’ve made a few observations.  First, there are a lot of blogs which are interesting to read only if you know and care about the author.  But some are actually so well-written and clever as to be addictive.   Are we all so curious about other people’s lives?  Second, some blogs are topical, but many are about everything and nothing.  A very self-indulgent medium.  I have a feeling that my blog will turn out to be about whatever I’m thinking at the moment, and interesting mostly only to people who know me, and maybe interesting only to me!

I had a few reservations about starting a blog.  The first was, what if no one reads it?  After all, many of the blogs I have looked at in past weeks made me think, why do these people think anyone cares about any of this?  The second was, what if people actually read it?  It seemed like a kind of vulnerable thing to put one’s thoughts and ideas out there and just let people respond.  I must admit, the second thing still kind of makes me nervous (silly, since I have complete control over what I post).  But as for no one reading this, I’ve realized that if this is nothing more than a personal journal, it will still be worthwhile for me. 

I’ve kept a journal intermittently throughout my life, most recently as a brand-new mother, several years ago.  At that time, the journal turned into a catharsis, and I almost always wrote when things were not going well.  I kind of hope no one ever reads it because it’s so depressing.  When I was six, I kept a journal during a multi-day family road trip as we relocated from Texas to Oregon.  I wrote about everything that was happening inside and outside of our green Chevy Impala — there were seven of us in that old sedan — and it is pretty darn hilarious.  It was about everything and nothing, and if I can capture the feel of that journal, I think I’ll feel pretty good about the blog.

Finally, my biggest motivation for starting a blog, silly as it may sound, is that I often (at least once a week) discover something that I’m so excited about that I just want to tell everyone I know, and maybe even people I don’t know, about it.  I wonder, does everyone already know about this thing (a book, a movie, an artist, a great place to shop, blogging (!))?  Sometimes if I’m really excited about the current thing, it’s so consuming that I find it hard to accomplish anything else until I’ve shared it with someone.  And, since I am at home all day with a one- and a four-year-old, and my mother never answers the phone lately, and my husband’s voicemail always picks up, I’m hoping that blogging about these things will get them out of my system, thus contributing to my ability to get the laundry done.  If anyone is actually interested in reading what I write, that will just be gravy.

Well, I’m finished blogging about blogging, and this will be my first post.  And away we go….


One thought on “on blogging

  1. Vicki Lambert

    Dear Elizabeth, I read all your postings today and was highly interested and entertained! My favorite one was the tribute to your husband, Matt. You’re an incredible woman! Vicki


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